Fall 2006»CSCI 299 Final Project

CSCI 299 Final Project


Develop a creative artifact (computer game or data visualization) demonstrating what you learned in this class.

You may work in teams of up to four people.


Your final deliverable needs to be fully implemented (not a prototype).

You should upload a zip file on the class webpage with the following contents:

  1. README file (installation instructions, use instructions)
  2. source files
  3. executable (if separate)

Your code should be well-designed and fully documented.


Your grade on the final project will depend on two factors:

a) the grade of the project itself, and
b) your contribution to the project (as reported by teammates and yourself).

For (a), I expect to see a fully developed game. Something we could upload on the Internet for the world to see/play.

For (b) you will get a chance to evaluate everyone on your team in terms of their contribution to the project. Building a complete game involves many tasks, in addition to coding, such as designing, testing, packaging, documenting, etc. Start early. Help everyone on your team make a good grade.


Submit your final deliverable by editing your page below:

ArcDiagrams, IPShooter, and CafeteriaMonster.