Fall 2006»CSCI 199 Homework 3

CSCI 199 Homework 3

Assigned Date: Wednesday, Oct. 18, 2006
Due Date: Thursday, Nov. 2, 2006
Due Time: 11:55pm

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This assignment focuses on creating a collage of small images, which when viewed together compose a different image.

Jim Carey in the Truman Show.


Write a program that loads in an image and scales it down to a small image. Then it creates a collage of the small images on a canvas with the same size as the original image. Each of the small images is modified by mixing its color with the color of the corresponding region in the large image.

Experiment with variations. Again, focus mainly on creating aesthetic/interesting images.

Note: It is OK for your program to work only for simplified cases (e.g., square image, image dimensions being a power of 2, thumbnail dimensions perfectly dividing original dimensions, etc.).


  1. Upload the original images, and the generated images demonstrating your results by editing your page below. For each of the modified images, provide a caption that describes the process that generated it.
  2. Email your program(s) to manaris@cs.cofc.edu.
    • Use "CSCI 199: Homework 3" as the subject line.

Submit your demo images by editing your page (read password is 'enter'): Justin Ayers, Jamie Hiers, James Lopez, Thomas Slade, and Bill Manaris.