Bill Manaris : Fall 2006 / CSCI 199 Homework 1

Assigned Date: Wednesday, Sep. 6, 2006
Due Date: Wednesday, Sep. 20, 2006
Due Time: 11:55pm

Last modified on November 20, 2006, at 03:55 PM (see updates)


This assignment focuses on reading in and modifying images in Python.


Pick a few favorite images.

Write a program that loads in an image and modifies it using functions from Python Media API.


Introduce an element of randomness in the process that modifies the image.

For example, call function random(), or use code from


  1. Upload the original images, and a minimum of five images (maximum 10) demonstrating your results using the provided template.
    • For each of the modified images, provide a caption that describes the process that generated it.
  2. Email your program(s) to
    • Use "CSCI 199: Homework 1" as the subject line.

Submit your demo images by editing your page (read password is 'enter'): Justin Ayers, Jamie Hiers, James Lopez, and Thomas Slade.

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