Fall 2005»CSCI 380 Homework 4 Team 2

CSCI 380 Homework 4 Team 2

Initial screen

This is the menu displayed as soon as you start the NeVMuse program. Hitting the browse button opens up a file finder window that lets you select a midi file. Once selected, the midi file appears in the audio display and the play controls activate. Hitting the start generation button takes you to the evolution screen.

Evolution screen

This is the screen where the evolution happpens. The progress bars at the bottom show the progress of the current generation and total evolution. Every time a generation is completed the resulting evolved midi is added to the center box that also shows its fitness and generation number. When a generation is selected from the box it is displayed in the audio display as well.

Advanced options

All of the avialable parameters can be adjusted on the advanced options screen.

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