Fall 2005»CSCI 380 Homework 4 Team 1

CSCI 380 Homework 4 Team 1

Phase 4: Paper Prototype

Certification of Authenticity:

We certify that this submission is entirely our own work, as per course collaboration policy.

Name: Jason Trinklein, Evelena Leung, Matt Rice
Date: November 21, 2005

The user begins by clicking on 'Load Midi' button and is presented with a file browser dialog.

Browse to locate midi to load

After the user selects the file, he has the option to set/load settings or begin processing with the default settings. If the user chooses to set settings, he can move the various sliders of his choice, save the settings (if he so desires) by clicking on the 'Save Settings' button, and then begin processing by clicking on the 'Start Processing' button.

Setting saved

If the user chooses to load settings, he can click on the 'Load Settings' button, and he is presented with a dialog where he can choose from a list of presets which can be loaded. He can then fine tune those settings or begin processing. The user can set the duration of the creation process by sliding the time and generation bar in the top window, which also presents the progress of the creation process so far.

Help files for settings when '?' button is pressed.

After processing begins, the user is taken to the 'New Music' tab. Here, the user can view the similarity, play, view the score, or save the generations/offspring that the generator has produced so far.If the user chooses to save the offspring, he selects the offspring that he wants to save then clicks on the 'Save Selected' button. He is then presented with a directory browser dialog and chooses a directory to save the selected files. The user can also restart the entire process by clicking on the 'Clear and Start Over' button and answering the prompt.

Generated playlist

Music playing

View of score

File save to location

Save file

File saved

Prompt restart process

The status bar and playlist is continuously changing based on the current status of the generator. The user also has the option to stop the process early by clicking on the 'Early Stop' button and/or click on the 'Settings' tab where he can change the settings mid-run. When the process is finished, the status bar will indicate it.