Bill Manaris : Fall 2005 / CSCI 380 Homework 2 Team 2

User Personas

by Chris Singleton, Bryan Peterson, and Peter Hearn

Jason: Persona for the user group “teens/young adults”

Jason is a 20 year old. He is unmarried and has no children. He is a music student at a university. He mainly plays the saxophone, but he dabbles with other instruments as well, such as the drums and guitar. After class he does his homework and then practices with his instruments. Jason likes to play other composer’s music but has aspirations to possibly write and play some of his own. He is interested in exploring the capabilities of music. Like a majority of college students, Jason has an ipod to which he listens to “pop” music in between classes. Jason has basic computer knowledge attained from his academic career. He uses Napster(program to download music), watches MTV, and writes musical critiques on web forums. Jason’s only limitation is that he is color blind.

Lawrence: Persona for the user group “young adults to middle age”

Lawrence is 39 years old. He has been married to his wife, Sandra, for 10 years. He has a child who is 2 years of age and is expecting one more in the following months. Lawrence is a composer that gives piano lessons on the side. He is obsessed about his work. Lawrence is slightly nearsighted. He tends to be interested in classical music. He likes to do his work in a quiet place where he can gather his thoughts and concentrate. He often travels for meetings and to attend concerts, festivals, operas, etc. He also travels to meet with his editor on a regular basis. Sandra is interested in her husband’s music, so she may want to use the music program. Lawrence is fairly competent with musical application programs (such as Finale, Silbelius).

Meredith: Persona for the user group “middle age to senior citizen”

Meredith is 67 years old. She has 3 children and 4 grandchildren. She is widowed. Meredith wears glasses and has arthritis in her fingers. She is a professor for an advanced composition class at a university. She has little to no computer skills. She is intimidated by the computer. Her memory is starting to go. Meredith does not like any of the new music out such as rap and pop music. She has dial-up connection for her grand kids to use on a Pentium 2 processor. She doesn’t use the internet. She likes to sit for long periods of time. She does not move around constantly and she likes to read for fun. Meredith is also impatient and fluent in German.

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