Fall 2005»CSCI 380 Homework 2 Team 1

CSCI 380 Homework 2 Team 1

User Persona: DJ TeeJay

TeeJay is a 26 year old DJ for a local dance club. He plays pre-made electronic music and sometimes composes some rudimentary grooves himself. Sometimes he needs a cool segway from one song to another, or just needs a variation of something to break the monotony of some tunes. He needs a way to take existing music and change it so that it meshes two peices of music together. He also sometimes looks for ideas for a new dance riff to add to his latest mix, and he wants it to have a certain sound similar to a dance track he already has. TeeJay uses computers daily, and often uses a computer at his dance club to play his tracks.

User Persona: Steve the Student

Steve is a twenty year old, male, undergraduate student at the School of Music. He will be majoring in Music Composition pending completion of several music composition courses. Although Steve is very talented in music composition, he suffers from “writers’ block” fairly often when he is required to write a musical piece for class. He tries listening to scores from other composers to help him generate his own ideas, but often the music that is created sounds much like the original composer. Steve needs inspiration from these composers, but does not want to copy their music. Belonging to a technology driven generation, he knows his way around a computer, including several music software programs.

User Persona: Maestro the Composer

Maestro is 50 years old. He has been a composer for many years. He writes his original scores by hand and then transposes it to the Sibeilus program on the computer. He would like to get new ideas from his and other composers’ music to be incorporated into his own pieces. He has his own specific style of music and would like to reorganize pieces to generate that style. He is not very computer savvy and knows only the fundamental aspects of how to use the computer and its programs.