Bill Manaris : Fall 2005 / CSCI 380 Homework 1 Crosby

Keddaris Crosby
CSCI 380
Sept. 20, 2005

CSCI 380 Homework 1

1. Introduction


Minimalism is the key to a good car radio interface.

Attach:85R589.jpg Δ Example of a car radio with unnecessary clutter.


Attach:radio2.jpg Δ The slide button thingy around the volume knob caused some confusion.

2. Functionality

The car radio has the following basic functionality: listen to the radio w/ the ability to set presets for your favorite stations (includes FM & AM), listen to audio CDs w/ the ability to skip and scan tracks, displays an assortment of information (including - time, radio frequency, CD track #, and time a CD track has been playing). Includes a basic equalizer and the ability to adjust where the sound is outputted (i.e. - rear, front, left and right).

3. Tasks

Turn the car radio on. Listen to the radio. Switch between AM and FM. Save favorite radio stations somehow for quick access. Put in CD and listen to it. Change the track the CD is currently playing. Seek/skip to other tracks on the CD. Put in MP3 CD and listen to it. Seek/skip to other tracks on the MP3 CD. [Easily] read of the track names off of the MP3 CD. Put in cassette tape and listen to it. Rewind/Fast-forward thru a cassette tape. Check the time. Set the time. Change the volume. Adjust the bass/treble.

A user from an older generation may be more adept to using cassette tapes, more so than CDs and MP3 CDs; on the contrary, a user from a younger generation may be more adept to using CDs and MP3 CD, more so than cassette tapes. It's hard to know which generation the user will be apart of, therefore the question on whether the functionality of this device is greater, equal, or less than what the user needs is subjective. However, because this device only supports CDs and excludes cassette tapes and MP3 CDs, it has found some common ground between this generational problem. For that reason, the functionality of this device is equal to what the user needs.

4. Usability Breakdown

The task I attempted was to set the clock.

5. Analysis

Visibility was violated.

Consistency was violated.

6. Improvements

Definitely separate controls to adjust/set the clock. Or maybe instead of the sound button being used to switch from hours to minutes, use the Source or Mode buttons (preferably the Mode button). Going from hours to minutes is like changing the mode of adjustment, or the source in which you're adjusting.

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I certify that this submission is entirely my own work, as per course collaboration policy.

Signature: West K Crosby Date: 9/20/05

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