Fall 2005»CSCI 380 Eclipse Intro

CSCI 380 Eclipse Intro

Intro to Eclipse and Java Swing

This contains some tutorials and example programs that will help you get started with Eclipse and Java Swing.


  1. Install Eclipse.
  2. Install the Visual Editor plug-in.
    (Note that this requires installation of the EMF and GEF plug-ins - follow directions on the download page.)
  3. Do this to test your installation.

GUI Development Tutorials

  1. See Michael Wainer's Building a Simple GUI with Eclipse's Visual Editor and Swing. In particular, work through this handout.
  2. See Cristobal Baray's intro on the model-view-controller (MVC) design pattern. Here is a summary.

Swing ADT References

  1. Explore the Visual Index to the Swing Components.
  2. See Sun's Swing Tutorial. In particular, browse sample code:
    1. Example One: Your First Swing Program (basic code)
    2. Example Two: SwingApplication (adding components)
    3. Example Three: CelsiusConverter (handling events)
    4. Example Four: An Improved CelsiusConverter (adding icons to buttons)
    5. Example Five: LunarPhases (layout managers)
    6. Example Six: VoteDialog (dialog boxes)
  3. How to Use Swing Components. In particular, see
    1. How to Use Containers
    2. How to Use Menus
  4. A Visual Guide to Layout Managers