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Bill Manaris is a computer science researcher, educator, and musician. He is Professor of Computer Science, and Director of the Computing in the Arts program, at the College of Charleston.

His interests include computer music, human-computer interaction and artificial intelligence. He explores interaction design and modeling of aesthetics and creativity using statistical, connectionist, and evolutionary techniques. He designs systems for computer-aided analysis, composition, and performance in music and art (see videos below).

Manaris is Associate Editor of the International Journal on Artificial Intelligence Tools, and has recently published a textbook in Computer Music and Creative Computing. He studied computer science and music at the University of New Orleans, and holds an M.S. and Ph.D. degrees in Computer Science from the Center for Advanced Computer Studies, University of Louisiana. He has been supported by the National Science Foundation, the Louisiana Board of Regents, Google, and IBM.


  • Course materials for Fall 2016:
    • CSCI380 - Computers, Music and Art
    • CSIS672 - Human Computer Interaction
    • CSIS 690 / CSCI 399 / CSCI 299 - Computer Music Research
  • Office hours

* Advising calendar (Spring 2011)


  • SoundMorpheus (2016) - an innovative user interface, which allows placing sounds in space, as well as altering sound characteristics, via arm movements resembling those of a conductor.
  • Escher - Diving Into Infinity (2015) - a demonstration of the Kuatro framework for developing motion-based interactive virtual environments.
  • Time Jitters (2014) - combining intelligent agents with human-computer interaction in the context of an interactive multimedia art installation.
  • Monterey Mirror (2011) - an experiment in interactive music performance, where a human (the performer) and a computer (the mirror) engage in a game of playing, listening, and learning from each other.
  • Laptop Orchestra (2010) - a case study exploring live coding in the classroom - combining teaching computer science with music performance.
  • Armonique (2009) - a music search engine, where users navigate large musical collections based solely on the similarity of the music itself (content), as opposed to what other users like (metadata).

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Computer Science Department
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